edit me challenge #3

here we go, ya’ll. it’s my 3rd week participating in the link-up with Branson & Stephanie for the edit me challenge. today the picture is provided by the knowledgeable Kaylene Maalste fromL'INSTANT.

week 3

i decided to have a little bit of fun with this edit. i wanted it to have an early evening glow about it, as if the picture was taken right before sunset. so, this is what i did:

*all adjustments made in lightroom

1-i cropped the photo to bring the focus to the antique wheel frame, and straightened the photo as well.

2-with the adjustment brush, i increased the clarity of the foreground only to bring out the details of the barbed wire and wheel frame.

3. in the HSL box, i increased the saturation of the blue and aqua to 100% and the green to 55%.

4. in the split toning box, i manually set all highlights to pink (360) and increased the saturation to 42.

5. in the split toning box, i manually set all shadows to orange (26) and increased the saturation to 33.

6. i then removed noise and sharpened for the web.



thanks again, Kaylene, for taking the time to sort and critique all of these!



JulieH said...

Gorgeous edit!

kelsey bang said...

wow! the picture looks totally diffrent! you did an awesome job making an evening glow! so neat! I want to learn how to do this!

Tere Shake said...
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Tere Shake said...

this looks fabulous! i want it framed and in my house! great job!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I have no friggin' clue what any of this means, but I dig it.

thecoffeehouse said...

yep, i did all of this yesterday. as you know, i'm a professional photographer.
ok, so i'm not even sure what an HSL box is.
you ... my inspiration.

Sarah said...

It definitely looks like the sun is setting! Cool edit!

Sarah Kate said... doesn't even look like the same picture! Before it looked sort of bland, so I love how you drew the focus to the wheel and barb wire (which I didn't even notice in the original photo). Good job, girl!

Kelley Spurlock said...

You rocked this photo. Seriously rocked it. I love how you highlighted that broken wheel. Awe.some. Just like you.

Kaylene said...

Hi Twiggy, you have achieved your evening glow, the photograph was taken around 2pm. The crop is also excellent as it removes that pesky branch in the top right.
This can also be achieved by using the clone tool. Overall a very good edit. Well done.

k*handtke said...

Your glow made such a transformation! I like that it brought out details.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What a great edit!

Diane O. said...

I too love the glow and like that it looks as if the sun is setting. Gives is a nice effect. Well done!

Lottieberry said...

Yes I can totally see the evening glow. The colors are magnificent! Your transformation is great! The crop is a great idea because I am more focused on the wheel now. Thanks for sharing your technique. It makes me want to try editing a bit more in Lightroom now.

Amy said...

I really like the glow you put on this! Nice Edit!

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