when memory lane meets josh groban

hey guys!! i need you to meet someone super important to hunter and me. his name is dutch (trail name).

253148_2151521667687_1235732218_32757760_3813702_ni'm the one in the floppy hat, hunter’s the one in the skirt. dutch is the one that looks normal.

and we hiked 2,400 miles out of the 2,650 miles of the pacific crest trail with him. meaning, we only hiked 2 weeks out of the entire 5 months alone. because at that point, we picked him up as our third wheel. what can we say? we all prefer tricycles i guess.

upon our arrival home, ol’ dutch put together a pretty awesome video of our journey. there are only 2 parts. he’s a pretty smart guy and wanted to keep it under 20 minutes. so, here you go. below is part 1 of our 5 month adventure. before you watch it, there are a couple of very important things we need to discuss.

#1-the 2nd song. this is a josh groban song, and we sang it almost daily. DAILY. we found it to be hysterical. it all started one day when we talked about ‘the worst camp songs ever’. this was our song of choice for this category. and it stuck. and it’s in this video.

#2-the 3rd song. this was our friggin’ theme song this year. with snow fall records being broken left and right, quitting crossed our minds more than we cared to admit. i wrote, “nothin’s gonna stop us now” on my ball cap and recited to myself daily.

#3-if at some point you find yourself bored or uninterested (look, i get it. hiking.) you must, must, go to the 10 minute mark and watch through minute 11:30. it will blow your face off with it’s awesomeness. you all might also think twice before crossing me. i'm just saying.




Lauren Anslee said...

This is awesome! I love it!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

"you all might also think twice before crossing me. i'm just saying"

I'm not afraid of you AT ALL. kinda know a lot about me.. nah. still not afraid.

I love the trail. I'll watch the video post work today. I just wanna watch it. I don't know about josh though. which is code for you'll be getting a second comment.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

oh, you'll be getting 3 comments on this post.

I'm totally going to be the third wheel this fall/winter. poor kids.

Lynn said...

Ain't no mountain high enough... thats right baby girl..

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...


*uh, I will neither confirm nor deny that I am super emotional.

I love your trail. love it. so much.

marie said...

You make camping look fun, and I HATE camping. That Jefferson Starship song was my very first record my parents bought me when I was 11 or so for getting straight A's. Yes I said record. I am old.

memory said...

Y'all never cease to amaze me. You all had your own theme song and everything! So awesome :)

Thanks for your comment on my book post, Twiggy! I enjoy fiction sometimes too.


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